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We, Renewable Industries Middle East Ltd (RIMEL) and its board, were the buyer for the purchase of petroleum products from Link Petroleum International Proprietary Limited (Link Petroleum International).

We hereby, without penalty and perjury, irrevocably confirm that, at all times, RIMEL was ready, willing and able to conclude the transaction contracted by Link Petroleum International.

The process of contracts commenced with an introduction to us of Mr SeifAbdelkader of Seif Corporation (seif@seifcorp.com), a company operating out of Saudi Arabia and America. Mr Abdelkader is associated with and was fully recommended by Mr Brian McFadden, CEO of Stealth Technologies Inc. an American based group.

RIMEL commenced negotiations with Mr Abdelkader and Mr McFadden in approximately August 2018. After the issue of various SCO’s from Link Petroleum International, RIMEL executed an ICPO.

Mr Brian McFadden and Mr SeifAbdelkader presented RIMEL with another offer from Link International.

Negotiations relating to this offer commenced on or about the first week of September 2018 and continued through to the end of September 2018.

At this stage, the combination of Mr Seif Abdelkader, Mr Brian McFadden and Link International Petroleum, issued a commercial invoice.

In good faith, RIMEL executed the commercial invoice and returned it accordingly.

During October 2018 substantial discussions were ongoing between the involved parties.

However, toward late October, correspondence from Mr SeifAbdelkader, Mr Brian McFadden and Link International Petroleum ceased abruptly.

RIMEL company director and CEO attempted to contact Mr Bert Forbes,(Link International’s Chief Operating Officer) and all associated parties, to no avail.

A Cease and Desist was issued to all parties 22nd November 2018. To this date, there has still been no response from Link Petroleum International, Mr SeifAbdelkaderor Mr Brian McFadden, despite frequent and urgent attempts from RIMEL.

Link Petroleum International, Mr Seif Abdelkader and Mr Brian McFadden have caused RIMEL substantial losses.

Link Petroleum International purported themselves to be the sellers of petroleum, when in fact they are not the holders of any allocation, but instead “flippers” who were trying to induce a scam.

Link International Pty Ltd also issued IMFPA and NCNDA issued by the authority of which they are not a member of.


The illegality, invalidity and non-enforceable provision of this document under the laws of any jurisdiction shall not affect its illegality, validity or enforceability under the law of any other jurisdiction or provision.


This document shall be governed and construed in accordance with current English or I.C.C. 400/500/600 signed between partners NCND laws.

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